2 Dial Raised - Hydro Dashboard


The 2 Dial Flat Dashboard is in a right hand drive set up, alterations such as a glove box, air vents, stereo slot or extra dial holes can be added.

Choose your Hydro-Dipped finish here. Other customised finishes are available in Entry-Level, Painted and Vinyl.

Key Features

  • 18mm Thick CNC Cut Marine MDF, highest level of accuracy for a direct fit. Dash boards have all the necessary rebates pre-cut to directly fit standard mini dials and clocks.
  • Supplied with factory fit clips, brush aluminium bezels and indicator inserts.
  • Original injection moulded Rover fitment clips supplied with all out dash boards. We are the only company who can offer this.
  • Air vents holes have twist lock system for fitting and removing air vents from the front or back.

**We have developed a unique automotive process for refinishing MDF, providing a highly durable, better than original factory finish on our dash boards.**

Please Note: If you choose a Custom Alteration there will be an extra fee to pay after checkout.

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